Chevy/GMC Hotrod Parts
Chevy/GMC Hotrod Parts

We sell high performance parts for inline six cylinder Chevrolet and GMC engines.

We understand the differences between the Chevrolet and GMC six cylinder engines built between 1937 and 1986 and can tell you which parts will work best on your particular engine. We also sell stock replacement parts such as engine bearings, camshafts, water pumps, gaskets and more.

We have many years experience of actual dis-assembly and re-assembly and installation of Chevrolet 216, 235, 261, GMC 248, 270, 302, and Chevrolet 250 and 292 cubic inch engines into various Hot Rods as well as stock vehicles.
We can recommend the combination of parts that will work best on your vehicle, and supply the parts to you.

Our U.S. Mail address is Larrowe & Sons Truck Parts, PO Box 1239, Sandy, OR 97055 U.S.A..
Our telephone number is 888-668-0352. Our E-Mail address is :
For our used part department call James Larrowe at 503-740-6783.

We are a member of the
National Veteran Owned Business Association.
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Chevy/GMC Hotrod Parts
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